Publications tagged "Planning"


Obtaining Approximately Admissible Heuristic Functions through Deep Reinforcement Learning and A* Search

Forest Agostinelli, Stephen McAleer, Alexander Shmakov, Roy Fox, Marco Valtorta, Biplav Srivastava, and Pierre Baldi

Bridging the Gap between AI Planning and Reinforcement Learning workshop (PRL @ ICAPS), 2021

Modular Framework for Visuomotor Language Grounding

Kolby Nottingham, Litian Liang, Daeyun Shin, Charless Fowlkes, Roy Fox, and Sameer Singh

Embodied AI workshop (EmbodiedAI @ CVPR), 2021


A* Search Without Expansions: Learning Heuristic Functions with Deep Q-Networks

Forest Agostinelli, Alexander Shmakov, Stephen McAleer, Roy Fox, and Pierre Baldi

arXiv:2102.04518, 2021